Help with playing music clips

  1. When you click on a music clip link it should open a small pop-up window. Depending on how fast your internet connection is the first piece of music you play will take from about 5 to 20 seconds or more to load. After the first piece, it will then load the music without such a delay.

  2. The music will only play when you are connected to the internet. It is not possible to download the clips and play them offline.

  3. Windows Media Sound Control Panel Internet Explorer Sound Control Panel
    Windows Media Sound Control Panel Netscape Navigator Sound Control Panel
    You should be able to see a "Sound Control Panel" in the pop-up window, that looks similar to one of the the ones on right. If not, then you might not have your Browser enabled for sound, in which case you might want to consider installing the latest version of the Windows Media Player. You can download and install a free copy by clicking here and following the straightforward instructions. It really is quite easy!

  4. Hopefully you'll know whether your computer can play music: it needs a sound card, and speakers. Are the speakers switched on?

  5. Is the volume turned down?
    1. The volume control knob on your speakers
    2. The volume slider in the pop-up window
    3. Your computer's volume control level; in the System Tray bottom right, look for the "Speaker icon" (see example, right). Click on it once, and a volume control slider should appear. There should be no check mark in the "Mute box" and the slider should not be at the bottom.
  6. Is the sound too loud or too soft?

  7. Check the items mentioned in (3) above. Also check whether the "Sound Control Panel" (see point 3, above) features a volume control slider, and adjust it accordingly.

    Sample piece of music to test:
    Click on 'speaker' icon to listen
    Ave Maria
    46 sec
    Listen to sample

  8. If, after carefully trying all the options offered above, you find you still can not play the music then please email the website developers letting us know:
    • the precise problems you are having
    • what you have tried
    • the type of computer you have
    • what sort of browser you use and which version it is (eg. Internet Explorer version 5.5; or Netscape version 4.75; etc)
    • what sort of internet connection you have (eg. broadband; modem 56.6; adsl; etc.)
    We will do our best to help. If you are having problems then it is possible that others are too so your feedback is invaluable so that we can try to fix any problems!

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